Bacardi and Bombay claim the summer of was completely revamped earlier this year into a stylish website with top-notch editorial photography, web-exclusive content and a guide function for the specific Sabato themes of travel, food, design and fashion.

The site quickly became the digital hotspot for the coveted Sabato community. Readers of the weekly magazine at De Tijd and L’Echo are hard-to-reach audiences such as wealthy influencers and professionals with a passion for design, elegance and quality. Through the revamped site, we see this community continuing to grow. Since its launch, reaches more than 75,000 unique readers every month, an increase of no less than 66% since the beginning of this year. The volume also increased exponentially with a near doubling of page views compared to last year**.

Advertisers immediately found their digital way to the community. Throughout the summer, Bacardi Martini brands will be prominent with 100% share of voice campaigns for Bombay Sapphire Gin and Martini’s 160th anniversary. Bacardi Martini resolutely chose because of its reach to affluent epicureans who are always looking for top quality and unique experiences. Moreover, the visual match with the stylish images of the campaigns and the guide function of the website, lead the surfer to different hotspots where you can enjoy Martini and Bombay cocktails.

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CIM Internet/Gemius, traffic 2022 – 2023.

*Comparison March – April – May 2023 – January 2023. **Comparing pageviews May 2022 – May 2023.