PRESS RELEASE – Comfidens helps companies to host a digital general assembly

On 24 December 2020, the Belgian Government Gazette published that in the future companies can host General Assemblies digitally without having to adapt their statutes. Comfidens, the corporate & financial communications agency of Trustmedia / Mediafin, was the first communications agency to develop a package to host Digital General Assemblies that fully complies with all legal requirements.

Digital General Assemblies
At the end of last year, the federal government signed a permanent law that allows for General Assemblies to be hosted digitally in the future without having to adapt the statutes. This is a real must for General Assemblies that traditionally take place in spring especially given the current Corona measures.

Yves Van Durme, Managing Director of corporate & financial communications agency Comfidens, sees a new trend and opportunity for companies in this.

“This opens new perspectives. Through a Digital General Assembly, a company can reach its shareholders more efficiently. In addition, companies achieve substantial savings in terms of organisation and logistical costs. We expect that this new format for General Assemblies will be embraced very quickly by both companies and shareholders.”

Yves Van Durme, Managing Director of corporate & financial communications agency Comfidens

Comfidens capitalises on the new law and, in collaboration with a reputed law firm, has developed a package whereby Comfidens supports the organising company from A to Z with a Digital General Assembly, fully compliant with legal requirements.

A Digital General Assembly is also a perfect moment for a company to work on its reputation management: the General Assembly is recorded in the look & feel of the company, in a professional environment (in studio or on location) and livestreamed. Comfidens also handles the application, registration and verification of participants, considering GDPR compliance. The interactivity and connection with the participants are a key element of such an Assembly: Q&A, polls or a voting module make that all those involved are allowed the necessary participation.

“We offer an impactful announcement campaign of the General Assembly and a post-campaign within the eco-system of De Tijd | L’Echo. As a result, also after the General Assembly, the company continues to address the right target audience with a multimedia approach. This is part of our USP: Always On Reporting,” says Yves Van Durme, Managing Director of corporate & financial communications agency Comfidens.

Financial DNA
Thanks to the link with De Tijd | L’Echo, the business newspapers of Mediafin, and the financial experts at Comfidens, the Digital General Assembly is also given the correct supporting platforms and a reinforcing framework.

 For further information, contact Yves Van Durme,