PRESS RELEASE – Investor podcasts by De Tijd and L’Echo off to strong start among young audience

The investor podcasts “De Beurs van Tegenwoordig” (De Tijd) and “Tracker” (L’Echo) have both hit the ground running. Barely a week after their launch, the podcasts had been downloaded more than 50,000 times, taking them to the top of the Belgian charts at both Apple (no. 1) and Spotify (no. 2). No fewer than three-quarter of listeners are aged between 23 and 44.

The new series are part of a wider range of podcast initiatives set up by Content Republic and the De Tijd | L’Echo editorial desk. One in four readers these business newspapers are currently under the age of 35. The success of these podcasts marks another stride forward in the further expansion of a strong position among an attractive, highly educated youth segment.

The “De Beurs van Tegenwoordig” podcast series consists of six episodes. It’s French-language counterpart “Tracker” runs for five episodes. The episodes are easily accessible to a wide audience and each deal with a specific investment topic that is explained through informative and educational elements. Stock market basics for beginners, bitcoin, sustainable investment and passive investment are just some of the topics addressed.

The podcasts are aimed at listeners in their twenties and thirties and are designed to appeal to both absolute beginners and listeners who have some investment knowledge already. Through information, inspiration and education, the podcasts provide a strong foundation for investors to take their first concrete steps.

“De Beurs van Tegenwoordig” reached the no. 1 slot in the iTunes Store no. 2 on Spotify one week after its launch. Its French-language counterpart “Tracker” was the second most-listened-to French-language podcast. The complete podcast series can be listened to via all the usual channels (iTunes Store, Google Play store, Spotify).

The investor podcasts “De Beurs van Tegenwoordig” and “Tracker” are published by Mediafin, the publisher of De Tijd | L’Echo.

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