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The newspapers L'Echo | De Tijd

L’Echo | De Tijd are the only business newspapers in Belgium, available both in print and digital version. With their focus on business and finance, L’Echo | De Tijd are the reference with regards to (national and international) financial-economic news.


The newspapers target entrepreneurs, managers and investors, decision makers with considerable spending power. Across all platforms (paper, tablet and websites) L'Echo | De Tijd achieve a reach of 602,000 contacts, an index of 161% compared to the paper & digital reach (375,000 contacts).

Publication & Distribution

  • Subscriptions & individual sales
  • Print + digital
  • Every day (Tuesday to Saturday)
  • On Saturday, L’Echo | De Tijd offer a wide range of editorial for the personal interests of their readers
    - Sabato, the luxury magazine, has become a moment of rest, inspiration and "intelligent luxury" of the weekend
    - Mon Argent | Netto are the benchmark in terms of personal finances and offer advice on personal finance.

The websites
lecho.be | tijd.be

L'Echo | De Tijd are available online 24/7 at lecho.be | tijd.be. In 2018, the websites were revamped. The user experience has been improved, the design is more engaging and responsive, and the site has more than ever become service-driven.

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