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Sabato offers luxury with a story by covering luxury & entrepreneurship, luxury & creativity, luxury & passion, luxury & social responsibility and luxury, lifestyle & leisure. Every weekend, Sabato quietly enters the private lives of a difficult to reach target audience of busy professionals. Sabato is a magazine that focusses on quality, elegance and exclusiveness.


The readers of Sabato belong to the highest social class, have a superior spending power and like to invest in their passions. Every week, the print version of Sabato achieves a reach of 139,000 contacts.

Publication & Distribution

  • Weekly magazine (Saturday), supplement to the weekend edition of De Tijd | L'Echo.
  • Specials: several times per year, Sabato focusses on different themes: la haute horlogerie, mode, interior & design

Knokke Special | Sabato Summer | Sabato Deluxe

Knokke Special (June), Sabato Summer (July & August) and Sabato Deluxe (November) are fixed values for Sabato. With the Knokke Special, Sabato kicks off the start of the summer, while Sabato Summer takes over in the hottest months. Sabato Deluxe stylishly puts readers in a festive mood during the end of the year. These are storage numbers piece by piece collector's items with even more exclusive content and a glued back.

Sabato DeluxeSabato Deluxe


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