Mon Argent | Netto

Mon Argent | Netto, the personal finance section of L’Echo | De Tijd, responds to current money-related topics.

Personal finance

Mon Argent | Netto, the personal finance section of L’Echo | De Tijd, provide practical answers to questions on topics such as taxes, inheritance, pensions, real estate, etc. and thus serve to support the readers through life’s key moments. The topics range from money management to investments, real estate, tax tips and advice on pensions and inheritance. 

Newspaper column, magazine & online

Mon Argent | Netto opts for a cross-media approach.

  • Every day, Mon Argent | Netto responds to current events and proposes tools such as the Pension Coach.
  • Mon Argent | Netto is published in the L’Echo | De Tijd business newspapers every Saturday. The personal finance section discusses the topics of the week in more detail.
  • Seven times a year, on Saturdays, Mon Argent | Netto is published as a separate magazine focusing on very specific topics. It is distributed with the full weekend edition of L’Echo | De Tijd.

The Netto | Mon Argent readers have the right mindset: they are actively on the lookout for the smartest ideas on saving, building wealth, investments, and so on. Across all platforms (paper, tablet and websites), these guides have a reach of 892,000 contacts, and an index of 155% compared to the paper + digital reach (344,000 contacts).

The Netto | Mon Argent readers have good insight into the costs and returns of their financial products (selectivity 144). 8 in 10 readers are responsible for the purchase of financial products and 1 in 4 readers are younger than 35. (CIM 2020) 


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