The Belgian and his money 2018


The study “The Belgian and his money” can leverage on a rich tradition. Since 2006, Trustmedia maps the Belgians’ wealth. In collaboration with Kantar, the second biggest international market research agency, this study was done for the seventh time at the beginning of 2019.


The study takes a more in-depth look at specifically the following topics:
• Composition and size of financial wealth
• Composition of the investment portfolio
• The average monthly net household income
• The average monthly saving capacity
• The average monthly investment capacity


The study shows that the reader audience of L’Echo | De Tijd is very selective in the area of higher financial wealth, has higher income classes and is made up of intensive investors.


• 39 % of the financial wealth in Belgium can be reached through L’Echo | De Tijd


• Among the readers of L’Echo | De Tijd,
90 % invest in stocks and/or funds
o About 1/5 have a household net income of at least €6,000
o More than 1/5 have a monthly investment capacity of at least €1,000
o More than 7/10 grew up in a household with above average wealth


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