Insights in the consumers' behaviour concerning watches


Trustmedia launched a survey in collaboration with Checkmarket and this with 2.800 respondents. What differentiates the reader of De Tijd | L'Echo from the average Belgian concerning the consumers' behaviour regarding watches?


Former surveys already revealed that the readers of De Tijd | L'Echo, and the readers of the weekend magazine Sabato in particular, have a main interest for design, craftsmanship and technology. “The Belgians and their watch” emphasizes this: 4 out of the 5 readers of De Tijd | L'Echo have a main interest for watches. The readers are 2x more passionate about watches than average. The results concerning ownership confirm this: 39% owns more than 3 valuable watches (or 2x more than average) and 10% owns more than 5 valuable watches (or 4x more than average). They also influence their entourage: 4 out of 5 readers declared sharing their passion about watches and discussingit.

“The Belgians and their watch" confirms that the readers of De Tijd | L'Echo are wealthy: 15% owns watches with a minimum value of 10.000 €. The survey also reveals that there is a big potential (55%) in the price range between 1.000 € and 5.000 €.


The readers of De Tijd | L’Echo are interested in the history, craftsmanship and technology of a watch brand. The watch is a reflection of their status and is the perfect investment. The survey also focusses on the purchase intentions of the readers. 4 out of 5 are planning to buy a watch in the near future and for 2 out of 3 readers, watches are the perfect gift for partners and children.


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