Press release – Trustmedia launches TrustData and builds a partnership with ADmantX

Mediafin, publisher of business newspapers L’Echo | De Tijd, has been working for years on a strong and reliable digital track. This results in growing media brands and interesting readers who opt for a reliable medium. Thanks to digital in L’Echo | De Tijd, advertisers can reach almost twice as many qualitative readers from valuable and hard to reach target groups. To give advertisers even better access to this digital readers pool, Trustmedia, Mediafin’s advertising solution, releases TrustData into the market.

Data driven solutions

TrustData is the data driven solutions division of Mediafin. This digital model offers advertisers the possibility to reach the different reader segments of L’Echo | De Tijd in a very targeted way.

Mediafin determines the segmentation of the reader profiles and ensures that advertisements appear on web pages with relevant online content for that segment. Respect for the user's surfing experience, privacy & brand safety are important keywords for this model.

Predefined packages help advertisers to target more precisely. For example, the Investor in Funds package focusses on readers who invest in funds, Luxury & Lifestyle targets readers who are interested in luxury, Newtech focusses on those who want to stay up to date with the latest technologies, ... Other segments such as Automotive, B2B and Real Estate are also covered. Mediafin continuously evaluates these segments and will roll out additional packs according to market needs.


For the implementation of TrustData, Mediafin is the first publisher in Belgium to collaborate with ADmantX. This internationally renowned company is market leader in the field of natural language processing (NLP) cognitive semantic-based solutions. The data provider accurately analyses the digital content of the Mediafin web pages by reading and interpreting the content as a human being would do. This is how it can display unrivalled accuracy in the field of contextual targeting and personalised brand safety (Brand Care). By deploying the expertise of ADmantX, TrustData makes advertisements appear within the right context adapted to the right target audience. This without losing sight of brand safety & privacy. This collaboration is unique in Belgium.

Nick Welch, VP Sales and Business Development, UK and North EU at ADmantX: “Context has never been so important in an increasingly privacy driven ecosystem. Brand Safety is also paramount for advertisers and, through our next-generation AI-driven content analysis tool, we are delighted to partner with Mediafin in helping them address and solve both of these challenges simultaneously.”

The team

TrustData brings Mediafin's data expertise together in one team. A Chief Data Officer (David Kronfeld) and a Data Protection Officer (Olivier Ditroia) will set the outlines of the strategy. Marketing Data Analysts (Tim Lacroix and Laetitia Scalzo) will pull out the data, and a Business Partner Digital (Sven Lybaert) and Business Development Manager Digital (Nathan Ho) will handle the commercial model behind the Data package.

Digital course

Over recent years, Mediafin has followed a remarkable future-oriented course in terms of digital innovations. As a first in Belgium, the payment wall was successfully launched on the websites of | (2010). Mediafin also focusses on high performance digital campaigns with the successful introduction of the Cost per Hour Model (2015), the Digital Charter (2017) and thanks to partnerships with Adhese and ADmantX. By applying stricter criteria than those used in the digital market, Trustmedia guarantees digital campaigns with 100% human traffic, 100% viewability and 100% compliance with privacy legislation (GDPR).

The launch of TrustData is a new milestone in Mediafin's digital journey and thus complements Trustmedia's sustainable multimedia strategy.

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