Trust in News 2019 


At the end of 2017, Kantar, the second biggest international market research agency, did a study into trust in news. The study shows that traditional media maintain their credibility solidly. Social media and digital information media do see their reputation being impacted by the spread of fake news.


At the beginning of 2018, a follow-up to this study was done, this time for the Belgian market. Specifically, for Belgium, the study focused on two levels. The study did not only measure the confidence in 36 individual news brands as testified by their users, but also the correlation with confidence in the displayed advertising.


Among the 36 news brand measured, L’Echo and De Tijd achieved the highest credibility score in terms of the delivered information. Equally, with regards to the credibility of the shown advertising, L’Echo and De Tijd also achieve the highest score.


What’s more, correspondence analysis shows a strong correlation between both phenomena. Users of a news brand have more confidence in the advertisements appearing in this news brand, as they have more confidence in the information broadcast by the news brand itself.


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