PRESS RELEASE – De Tijd claims European Newspaper of the Year award

De Tijd can proudly call itself the European Newspaper of the Year for the next twelve months.  The newspaper recently claimed this top prize for the redesign and reconceptualisation of its weekday edition as a complementary medium to its news app and website ‘Form and content perfectly complement one another’ No fewer than 161 newspapers […]

PRESS RELEASE – Belgian advertising technology by Trustmedia, Adhese and Universal Media offers alternative to third-party cookies

San Pellegrino first brand to advertise in Belgium under new Belgian ecosystem Reaching out to Belgian consumers through online advertising without using third-party cookies: it’s now possible thanks to a new programming tool by Ghent-based Adhese. Trustmedia, the advertising agency behind L’Echo and De Tijd, is the first to implement the tool in the systems […]

Belgians continue to lose trust in Twitter and Facebook as news sources

Kantar survey shows trust gap between social media platforms and traditional media is growing Belgians trust the news they receive from traditional media increasingly more compared to social media platforms, according to a survey by Kantar in which 3,000 Belgians allocated trust scores to 39 news outlets. Traditional media received an average score of 8.31 […]