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Date of latest version 5-06-2020

MEDIAFIN NV makes use of cookies and similar technologies to make the use of its website(s) easier and to improve functionality and how users experience the website. The aim of this Cookie Statement is to provide you with clear information about how we use cookies. Should you have any further questions or concerns after reading this Cookie Statement, please contact us via the contact details provided at the bottom of this statement.

Definitions and scope

This cookie statement (hereinafter the “Cookie Statement”) relates to the use of cookies on the Trustmedia websites (,, (hereinafter the “Website”) of MEDIAFIN NV, with its registered office at Tour & Taxis, Havenlaan 86 C b 309, 1000 Brussels, company number 0404.800.301 (hereinafter “MEDIAFIN” or “we/us“) when consulted by a user (hereinafter “user” or “you“).

Via its Website, MEDIAFIN offers communications services and advertising space for sale in audio-visual channels, newspapers, magazines and digital media belonging to MEDIAFIN.

In this Cookie Statement, the term “cookie information” refers to all information collected through the use of cookies.

Where the use of certain cookies involves the processing of “personal data”, MEDIAFIN’s Privacy Statement for the Website shall also apply.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on a computer or other device (e.g. a smartphone) when you access a website. Cookies differ in their origin, function and lifespan. Click here for general information on the different sorts of cookies used.

In combination with cookies, MEDIAFIN also makes use of so-called “web beacons” (or clear gifs). A web beacon is a small graphic in an e-mail or website allowing the use of the e-mail or website to be analysed.

  • Detailed information on the cookies used on the Trustmedia websites (,,
  • Analytics cookies collect data on website use, such as the number of visitors, the time spent by users on a web page or any error messages. We ask for your consent before installing these cookies.

After gaining your consent, MEDIAFIN uses the following analytics cookies on the Website:

CookieProviderThird-party/ first-partyDescription/purposeLifespan (per cookie category)
_gidGoogle AnalyticsFirst-partyInstalled by Trustmedia (MEDIAFIN), this cookie is used to store information on how users use the Website and helps create an analytics report on how well the Website is performing. The data collected, including the number of visitors, the source device used and the pages visited, remains anonymous.24 hours
_gaGoogle AnalyticsFirst-partyInstalled by Trustmedia (MEDIAFIN), this cookie is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and to track website usage for the website’s analytics report. The cookies store the information anonymously, using a randomly generated number to uniquely identify users.1 year
_gatTrustmediaFirst partyUsed to improve response time.1 minute
  • Performance & functional cookies ensure that the Website functions properly and guarantee its fast and efficient use. We ask for your consent before installing these cookies.

After gaining your consent, MEDIAFIN uses the following performance and functional cookies on the Website:

CookieProviderThird-party/ first-partyDescription/purposeLifespan (per cookie category)
Has_jsTrustmediaFirst-partyThis cookie is used to check whether or not the user’s browser has JavaScript enabled.Session duration

Which information is gained by MEDIAFIN through the use of cookies on the Trustmedia websites (,,

Information on the use of the MEDIAFIN Website (such as the ID of the accessed page, its details, the data and time it was accessed, any comments you might have entered);

Information on whether or not a certain category of cookies is accepted;

Information on whether or not Javascript is used by the user’s browser.

Is the cookie information passed on to third parties?

We need to differentiate between:

  • First-party cookies 

Direct or first-party cookies are cookies managed by MEDIAFIN and specific to the Website visited or used.

  • Third-party cookies

Indirect or third-party cookies are cookies managed and installed by a third party. These cookies allow certain data gathered when you access the MEDIAFIN Website to be sent to third parties. These can be for example social media or advertiser cookies.

These third parties may gain access to specific cookie information (such as your UserId, name, forename, e-mail address, current subscriptions, pages accessed, banners clicked, etc.) with a view to offering you personalised ads or obtaining feedback from you.

The cookies on our Website are all first-party cookies.

For how long is cookie information stored?

Cookies can remain stored on your computer or mobile device for different lengths of time. Dependent on their type, cookies (and the information they collect) may be automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called “session cookies”), while in other cases they are stored longer, for use when you re-access this Website (so-called “permanent cookies”).

Consult the overview per cookie category above (see Section 3) to check the retention periods.

How can you manage your cookies?

You yourself can decide whether or not to accept certain cookies.

You can also use your web browser to refuse or accept certain cookies. How this is done depends on which browser you are using: most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser to notify you before a cookie is installed or to refuse cookies. More information on how to configure your browser is available via your browser’s ‘Help’ button or via the following links:

If you use different devices to access this Website, please ensure that your cookie preferences are set on each device’s browser. Click here for more information on how to manage cookies.

In addition, you can choose here and here from which companies you no longer wish to receive cookies.

Please note, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to access certain features of our Website designed to make your experience with our Websites and services more efficient. Similarly, certain features may not function as intended.

Moreover, disabling certain cookies may mean that you will have to enter any login details (password, username) on each new access.

When you disable certain cookies, we may use the cookie information previously collected in accordance with this Cookie Statement and, where applicable, our Privacy Statement. However, we will not collect any (further) information via this cookie.

Contacting MEDIAFIN

Should you have any questions regarding this Cookie Statement, please contact MEDIAFIN:

By post: Havenlaan 86c, bus 309, 1000 Brussels

By E-mail:

New versions of the Cookie Statement

MEDIAFIN may make changes to this Cookie Statement in accordance with technical, legal or commercial requirements or developments. We will notify you thereof, taking into account the importance of the changes made. The date on which this Cookie Statement was last changed is noted at the top of the statement.