Impactful reach

Reach Belgium’s most influencing audience with a considerable purchasing power. The titles of Mediafin give you access to entrepreneurs & decision makers, investors and high net worth individuals. Discover the surveys we organised in collaboration with reputed research bureaus in order to elaborate on the interests of our readers.

Mediafin brands – monthly reach

2 060 000

Across all brands and platforms the titles of Mediafin have a monthly reach of
2 060 000 unique readers

(CIM 2020, total brand)


1,459,000 page views

(CIM Internet, December 2021, | during a working day)

204,000 unique visitors

(CIM Internet, December 2021, | during a working day)

The readers


Highest selectivity (349) of all Belgian newspapers on higher management and independent professionals

(CIM 2020, selectivity RLP, total brand)

<35 years

1 in 4 readers is under the age of 35

(CIM 2020, total brand)


are professionally active

(CIM 2020, total brand)


of the readers belongs to the highest social classes 1-2

(CIM 2020, selectivity RLP, total brand)


The readers are 4x influencing than non-readers

(Influencers survey 2014)

Target groups

High Net Worth Individual


Readers own 43% of the financial wealth of the Belgian households

(The Belgians and their money 2021)


readers have at least one watch worth over € 1,000

(Watches Survey 2019)


say they grew up in a more than average wealthy family

(The Belgians and their money 2021)


De Tijd | L’Echo readers are 3.5 times more likely to have a private car with a value of at least €60,000 (incl. VAT)

(Car Survey 2022)


The readers are gourmets: 53% of the readers regularly buys quality wine for their collection

(Passion Survey 2019)


The readers own 4x more a secondary residence compared to non readers

(Real Estate Survey 2021)


L’Echo | De Tijd: a large community of investors with a very diversified portfolio.


of the readers invest 8/10 invest in funds and 7/10 in shares

(The Belgians and their money 2021)


invest monthly
over € 1,000

(The Belgians and their money 2021)


of the readers own at least 1 property as investment real estate

(Real Estate Survey 2021)

Decision makers & Entrepreneurs


L’Echo | De Tijd reach 2/3 top level decision in Belgian companies

(Decision Makers Survey, 2018)


of the top level decision makers in companies with over 100 employees read L’Echo | De Tijd for professional reasons

(Decision Makers Survey, 2018)


The business newspapers reach 83% of all CEOs and CFOs of companies with a turnover
of over 10 million euros

(Decision Makers Survey, 2018)


Most professionally active readers profile of all Belgian newspaper brands (selectivity 130)

(CIM 2020, total brand)


The Belgians and their Car

In March 2022, Trustmedia studied the relationship between the Belgian and his car for the sixth time. We take a closer look at mobility trends and car use and consumption for both private and company cars.

The Power of Podcast

Ipsos and the University of Antwerpen have studied various aspects of the podcast landscape in Belgium. The combination of both studies led to the a large-scale survey on podcasts: a first on the Belgian market.

The Belgians and their Money

In partnership with Kantar this survey was organised for an eighth consecutive year in 2021. The rich tradition of this study helps understanding and charting the evolution of financial wealth and money management in Belgium.

Passion Survey

In order to identify the passions and interests of our readers, Kantar conducted a study in 2019. Discover the key figures of the study in our whitepaper

Real Estate research

This white paper contains the key figures of the survey ‘The Belgian and his Real Estate’, conducted in 2021 by Checkmarket among more than 1000 respondents.

Watch survey

Discover in this white paper the key figures of the survey on consumer behaviour around watches, conducted in 2019 by Kantar.

The Belgians and their car

In 2019, Kantar surveyed the car use and consumption of L’Echo | De Tijd readers, the average Belgian and fleet managers.