De Tijd and L’Echo give advertisers insights into the brand impact of online campaigns

De Tijd and L’Echo give advertisers insights into the brand impact of online campaigns thanks to the impactful tool Brand Metrics

Online advertisers are increasingly looking for insights and data that go beyond the number of clicks and impressions. They are focusing on a correct brand perception and want to measure the success and impact of their online campaigns. Mediafin capitalises on this demand, and once again, lifts its digital charter to the next level by giving advertisers insight into the brand impact of online display and branded content campaigns on | To do so, Mediafin enters a partnership with Brand Metrics: a tool that allows advertisers to measure the emotional perception of their brand and campaign. A powerful mix of the right content, the right audience and a reliable environment is ideal for performant brand awareness.

Mediafin enters partnership with Brand Metrics

Research shows that surfers are inspired and influenced by online campaigns, even when not clicking on those advertisements. In order to understand the real brand impact of a campaign, a deeper analysis is required.

With Brand Metrics, Mediafin offers advertisers the right tool to measure the impact of their brand campaigns. To do so, Brand Metrics uses reliable GDPR-compliant technology that automatically measures the brand lift of a brand, and reports on brand awareness, brand consideration, brand preference and action/purchase intent. The tool asks the surfer on | about his/her attitude and behaviour regarding the brand in question.

As a result, advertisers get a view on the brand perception of their display and branded content campaigns, which they do via Trustmedia and Content Republic on the channels of De Tijd | L’Echo. By measuring the emotional impact of campaigns, marketeers and advertisers will understand better how to reach their target audience impactfully. This way, they can valorise and adapt their campaigns.

“At Mediafin, we strive to give campaigns the right visibility and support by placing them in a reliable context. Via our channels, campaigns get the impact they deserve with the right target audience: affluent managers, decision makers, investors and entrepreneurs. To make this impact also tangible, we want to offer our advertisers the right metrics. And for this, as their name says, Brand Metrics is the perfect partner. The first conversations with our advertisers, as well as cases at reputable media companies abroad (Financial Times, Schibsted, The Guardian…) confirm our sense that we will become a gamechanger on the Belgian advertising market,” says Hans De Rore, CCO of Mediafin.

“We are most pleased to be able to add prominent media titles, such as De Tijd and L’Echo, to the list of premium publishers that have chosen our platform to create added value for their advertisers by offering them the right insights and data. Our benchmarks already show that De Tijd and L’Echo are part of a category of media that takes the lead in terms of brand building. In addition, Belgium is an interesting market with a progressive and sophisticated view in terms of media insights, research and data,” Anders Lithner, CEO of Brand Metrics.

Brand Metrics as extra dimension with the digital charter

Over recent years, Mediafin already developed a transparent relationship with its advertisers through the digital charter, in which 100% viewability, 100% human users, 100% conform data protection and 100% brand safety stands for qualitative campaigns on the online channels of De Tijd | L’Echo.

In addition, this quality is also supported by the Trust Research by Kantar TNS (2018), which shows that, of all news brands in Belgium, De Tijd | L’Echo enjoy the highest trust. This trust in the editorial content of De Tijd | L’Echo correlates very strongly with the trust in the advertising in these titles.

The partnership with Brand Metrics adds an extra dimension for advertisers. Transparency and qualitative advertising are after all the pillars of this charter. Mediafin implements Brand Metrics already from this month for advertisers at Trustmedia and Content Republic.

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