Press release – Investments and consumption in times of corona

Press release – Investments and consumption in times of corona

The affluent readers of De Tijd | L’Echo are not planning to change their buying behaviour in terms of luxury goods as a result of the corona crisis, but they are planning to make changes to their investment portfolio. This shows from research amongst the readers of the business newspapers into the consumption and investment behaviour during and after the corona period. Between 20 and 27 April, 900 readers of De Tijd | L’Echo were asked about their buying and investment intentions before, during and after corona times – and this for their personal finance and real estate portfolio, as well as consumption in terms of travel, cars, fashion & beauty, interior & architecture, gastronomy, garden, art & culture, sports & health…

Some interesting trends stand out.

General trends
For the majority of the readers of De Tijd | L’Echo, the impact of the crisis clearly remains limited. For the vast majority (90%), the past period had no impact on their professional status. Online buying increased during the crisis out of necessity, but even after the crisis, there is a clear preference for physical shopping (92%).

During the crisis, 44% consciously chose to buy more locally than before, and 35% look beyond the village but remain within Belgium. 1 out of 4 plans to continue to buy more locally and Belgian after the crisis.


Also, more than 4 out of 10 readers already made changes to the portfolio during the crisis. Still 1 out of 3 plans to make changes to the portfolio after the crisis. There is a clear shift towards more shares (+61%), funds (+33%) and real estate (+19%). As a result of the crisis, managing investments online gained momentum. 1 out of 3 plans to re-evaluate their portfolio after the crisis.

Investing in real estate remains one the readers’ hobbyhorses: 15% plans to invest more in Beveks and Bevaks, 7.5% is actively looking into investment real estate, and 5% is looking into the possibilities of a second home in Belgium and abroad.

Without exception, the readers of De Tijd | L’Echo will keep their planned investments in various categories also after the crisis. 8 out of 10 is still planning to go on holiday by plane or by car. 1 out of 7 indicates to invest in a new car.

De Tijd | L’Echo community represents affluent families who like to enjoy life. As a result, they continue to invest in projects for indoors (make-over of their home) and outdoors (garden, terrace, swimming pool, outdoor bar). Also, fashion & beauty, sports and gastronomy are keepers on the shopping list.

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