Impressive sales results for business newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo. 

Newspaper sales of De Tijd and L’Echo have been growing for several years. For 2022, both titles can again present impressive sales figures. With their pronounced focus on business and finance, De Tijd and L’Echo are the reference in the field of financial-economic coverage.

In 2022, De Tijd will grow by no less than 11% in paid sales (paper and digital) compared to 2021, making it the only newspaper rising in Flanders. We also see a similar evolution for L’Echo. Paid sales in paper and digital of the French-language business newspaper are up 6% (compared to 2021).

The strong growth of both business newspapers is the result of a successful subscription strategy. The share of subscribers rises to 95% of total newspaper sales, 61% are digital copies. This is an 8% increase in digital copies compared to 2021.

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Source: CIM Press Brand Reports Statement on Honors January – December 2022. Paid distribution= single and third-party sales, print & digital subscriptions at > 50% of the official rate.