Sabato presents impactful oblong format

Since 29 August, the luxury magazine of De Tijd | L’Echo has been published in a new layout and with a new logo. A photographic and typographic design and innovative page layout enhance the visual approach with which the Sabato editors continue to inspire. It doesn’t stop there. Sabato continues to surprise with 2 Sabato specials that will appear exclusively in a totally new form this autumn.

Impactful oblong format

Sabato Special Interieur (10/10) and Special Sabato Deluxe (21/11) will appear this autumn exclusively in the elongated horizontal oblong format, giving the luxury magazine an even more stylish look for these specials. The oblong rectangular format enriches the reading experience and ensures that Sabato continues to inspire, both in terms of content and inspiring advertisements.

Sabato New Style

Thanks to this new visually tighter approach and the surprising oblong format, Sabato continues to innovate. In this way, the luxury magazine remains the reference for the better things in life in terms of design, architecture, fashion, travel and wining and dining. And it continues to guarantee quality, elegance and exclusivity to its wealthy readership. Sabato appears exclusively in oblong format on 10/10 (Sabato Interior) and 21/11 (Sabato Deluxe).

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